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April 17, 2014

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NERC 2014 Spring Conference

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1 | Michigan tries to revamp recycling culture

With one of the lowest state recycling rates in the country, Michigan is attempting to reinvent itself as a "recycling leader."


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2 | Resource Recycling Conference 2014: Heading to the Big Easy

Mark your calendars now for September, when the industry's premier high-level gathering will take place in one of America's premier cities. Resource Recycling Conference 2014 is heading to New Orleans, a historic hotbed of culture and cuisine at the mouth of the Mississippi River.

Resource Recycling Conference 2014 will give you the chance to network with top decision-makers from stakeholders representing every part of the materials recovery stream. And when the day's work is through you'll be steps away from the brass bands, gumbo joints and centuries-old neighborhoods that define the charm and character of the Crescent City.

Resource Recycling Conference 2014 is taking place Sept. 16-17 at the New Orleans Hilton Riverside. Head to for more information on attending, sponsoring and exhibiting. And be sure to plan your trip to include the numerous trade association meetings taking place alongside the conference itself. More information on those events will be coming soon.

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3 | Beyond the flying footwear: Clinton touts recycling at ISRI

At the closing general session of the 2014 ISRI Convention & Exposition, presumptive presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton spoke to over 1,000 attendees about recycling and how the industry fits into the larger U.S. and global economy, but not without some controversy.


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4 | Earth Day brings flood of materials recovery efforts

With the 45th annual Earth Day taking place next week, we take a look at the ways companies and organizations around the globe are marking the occasion through recycling initiatives.


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5 | Steel demand to be pushed more by developed economies

After many years where rapid growth in steel consumption in China and other emerging economies dominated the global marketplace, an important steel industry study shows that the U.S. and Europe will see greater growth in steel consumption in the next two years.


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6 | College recycling push diverts nearly 90 million pounds

Antioch University Seattle emerged as the Grand Champion of this year's RecycleMania, an on-campus recycling tournament held in February and March.


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7 | Wide world of recycling

A Scottish recycling firm will have to pay more than $330,000 as punishment for improperly handling material.


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8 | Only two weeks left to submit innovation ideas

The deadline to submit proposals to compete in the 2014 Recycling Innovators Forum is fast approaching.

Those interested in having their ideas considered for the Forum have until April 30 to submit proposals. The Forum is seeking the top ideas in how to advance recycling, including driving consumer participation, developing new processing or collection methods, improving recyclable quality and other areas. The individuals behind the top 10 ideas will be asked to present to a panel of judges and an assembled audience of approximately 200 recycling professionals.

The second annual Recycling Innovators Forum is a competition to seek out the highest-return, most actionable new ideas to move recycling forward and is sponsored by Alcoa, the American Chemistry Council, Coca-Cola Recycling, Resource Recycling (the parent company of this publication) and Waste Management. The competition will be held on Sept. 15, the day before the start of Resource Recycling Conference 2014 in New Orleans, and will award two $20,000 prizes to the top two of the 10 Forum finalists. For more information about competing in, or attending, this free event, visit

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9 | NewsBits

Waste Management's CEO again uses a public appearance to bemoan the falling profit margins in recycling. Commiserate with him in NewsBits.


10 | Industry and supplier news

The City of Houston has partnered with the Carton Council of North America to launch a new recycling awareness campaign aimed at encouraging residents to recycle their food and beverage cartons. This campaign follows Houston's recent expansion to an automated recycling program. More information is available here.

Recycling consulting firm RRS has launched a service called TruCycle, which allows product stakeholders to better understand the recyclability of specific packaging forms. The service analyzes packaging from three perspectives: probable end markets for the commodity material; the ability to sort and bale the commodity material within materials recovery facilities; and statistics on access to recycling for the material in communities around the nation. For more, visit

11 | Upcoming conferences & webinars

Click here for a complete directory of upcoming conferences and webinars! If you have a conference or webinar that you would like listed, please send an email to for consideration.

12 | Jobs available & sought

Various Positions, Bulk Handling Systems (Eugene, Oregon).
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Various Positions, NRT (Nationwide).
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Environmental Scientist, State of Delaware (Dover, Delaware).
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Economic & Business Development Liaison, City of Austin (Austin, Texas).
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Sales Manager, EREMA North America, Inc. (Ipswich, Massachusetts).
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Various, Newark Recycled Paperboard Solutions (National).
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Various Sales Positions, Waste Management (National).
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Various, Product Stewardship Institute (Boston, Massachusetts).
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Various Positions Highlighted by the Northern California Recycling Association (Northern California Area).
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